How To Waterproof Wood

3-step process to protect wood from all outdoor elements. 

Wood is unmatched in terms of quality and appearance for the outdoors, but it is also particularly susceptible weather elements that can cause damage unless proper care is taken.

Rain, moisture and the sun’s UV rays can all harm wood and cause cracks, warping, discoloration and mold. This is why it is important to ensure wood is properly treated with a protective sealer that will not only enhance the appearance of the wood, it will extend its natural life too.

While many alternatives are available in the market today, we recommend using products that are water-based to minimize your lungs, and the environment’s exposure to harmful fumes. All VAN VOTZ products are water-based with low VOCs and have advanced formulations for superior protection from all outdoor elements.

Follow these easy steps to learn how to waterproof wood like a pro.    


VAN VOTZ HI-TECH WATERPROOFER is ideal for outdoor wood surfaces such as fences, furniture, siding, window frames and doors. It is not suitable for floors, decks or surfaces submerged in water.

For optimal performance, clear the wood surface of any other previously applied coatings like stain, paint or varnish. Scrape or sand the surface, clear dust and dry any moisture before beginning to apply.

 If the wood surface has cracks, holes or gaps you want to repair, use VAN VOTZ HI-TECH WOOD FILLER in the same color as the Waterproofing topcoat. This will allow the filler and topcoat to be accurately color-matched and hide repairs much better than stainable fillers which usually have poor absorption and can leave an ugly mark.


Clear Sealer
 To preserve the natural color of the wood, use VAN VOTZ HI-TECH WATERPROOFER CLEAR. This will not change the color of the wood and dry with a grain-enhancing semi-gloss finish. Unlike some other clear top coats, VAN VOTZ will not yellow or scratch. Note that if you are looking for stronger protection, topcoats with color provide more protection since the pigment acts as an additional shield from weather elements.

Stain and Sealer in One
VAN VOTZ HI-TECH WATERPROOFER SEMI-TRANSPARENT is a protective sealer in 12 distinct wood-matched colors to suit the desired look of your project. The definitive color will vary based on wood type, thickness of coats and sun exposure so it is a good idea to test a small area to see the finish before committing to the entire project. VAN VOTZ is available in half-pint containers to explore different colors or for smaller projects.

If you wish to create a custom color, VAN VOTZ colors can be blended together. Colors can be lightened by mixing with White and softened by mixing with HI-TECH WATERPROOFER CLEAR.


Remember to always work in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, during rain or in a dusty environment. Before opening the container, shake well!

VAN VOTZ can be applied with either a roller, sprayer or brush. If working with a brush, use one with smooth and firm bristles and remember to keep the brush in water when not in use to prevent the bristles from drying and sticking together. Apply the brushstrokes, roller or spray along the grain of the wood and do not retouch areas already dry to avoid patches.

Apply 2 coats or a 3rd for extra protection. Wait 30 to 60 minutes between coats and sand with a fine grade sandpaper after the 1st coat dries.

If working on doors, remember to apply to all four edges. Doors are often exposed to moisture on the bottom edge that touches the floor. Forgetting to apply to the edges may expose the wood to moisture and weaken protection.

If you are working with very dry wood, you may choose to dilute the first coat with 1-part water to 1-part VAN VOTZ. This will decrease the viscosity and allow for greater penetration of the wood.

VAN VOTZ products are all water-based, so when you are finished working clean up is easy with soap and water. To keep wood well protected and looking pristine, reapply again after one or two years.

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