How to Apply Wood Filler

4-step process to repair cracks, scratches and holes in outdoor wood.

Wood is not just a superior building material because of its versatility and uniqueness, wood is also remarkably easy to repair. Wood filler is a compound that can fill holes and cracks and once dry and covered with a topcoat, leaves little or no evidence of damage. However, wood that is outside and exposed to sun, rain, snow and moisture demands a much stronger compound than one suitable for indoors.

Most wood fillers promoted for outside use are solvent-based, emitting strong fumes and presenting a fire risk. VAN VOTZ HI-TECH WOOD FILLER is specifically formulated for the outdoors while also being water-based and environmentally friendly. Matching the filler to the topcoat finish is also no longer an issue, VAN VOTZ has matching topcoat colors so you no longer have to worry about poorly absorbing stainable fillers leaving a mark.

 Follow these 4 simple steps on how to apply wood filler to your outdoor wood and repair wood with unmatched quality.


To ensure the filler does not have a reaction to other products on the wood, sand or scrape the surface to clear any other fillers or coatings such as varnish or stains. Make sure the surface is also clear of dust, debris and is dry before beginning to apply. 


Using a spatula or putty knife, firmly apply the filler, overfilling to compensate for shrinkage and scrape away the excess. Deeper holes may need multiple layers of filler. If working with a deep hole, wait for the first layer to dry before continuing to fill the hole with additional layers. The filler should be completely dry one hour after application. 


Sand the area down with a medium-grit sandpaper followed by a finer grit (180 or 220) along the grain of the wood. HI-TECH WOOD FILLER dries hard so you may choose to start with an oscillating sander before finishing by hand. Once the area is smooth and even with the surrounding surface, wipe the area to remove any dust. 


Most wood fillers come in a generic color and claim to be “stainable”. Usually, these fillers do not absorb stain like the surrounding wood, and leave a visible mark where the filler was applied. VAN VOTZ HI-TECH WOOD FILLER comes in the same colors as VAN VOTZ HI-TECH WATERPROOFER so the topcoat will match with the filler. If you are not staining but are finishing with a clear topcoat, VAN VOTZ colors can be blended together to create a custom color that more closely resembles your tone of wood.

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